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Teaching’ as an occupation can be extremely rewarding if one gets a good chance! Australia offers the right opportunity for all those who are planning to craft their future in the ‘Teaching’ profession. Starting from the rural Australia in a small school, to a primary or high school in a cosmopolitan city, Australia is cuddled with various job opportunities.



The public education system provides directly for the education of 70% of the young people of Australia. It does so in an enormous variety of locations and circumstances.  Secondary schools both large and small are found in the metropolitan and inner city areas of different state capitals, some are located in regional country centres or singly in a country town.

Public secondary schools are mandated to provide a high quality comprehensive education to all students regardless of socio-economic, cultural or geographic circumstances.

Australian public schools operate under the authority of local state and territory jurisdictions and are funded from these and by a range of federal grants.  
Data collected over the last 5 years indicating decreased teacher supply both in number and quality are of major concern.  Teaching is a profession which is under pressure in the public domain due to the demands of Australian society for a high quality education system. 

There are various genres of work – starting from permanent, full-time, part-time, contract basis, and temporary, casual, to name a few. One can choose them in accordance with their preference level. Some of the most demanded subject teachers are Math, Science, Applied Studies, amongst others. In addition, if you can teach in schools like performing arts, creative or sports, then it may serve as an added advantage for you.

Basic Requirements

Every Oz state has its own education system. The applicant is required to meet certain mandatory requirements in order to fulfill the eligibility criteria. The most critical of them all is to get registered as a teacher with a recognized regulatory body.

  • Teaching qualification accepted by the relevant regulatory body, along with a proof of your English language Skills, if required.
  • Show an evidence of tertiary training or an experience recognized by the body.
  • Undergo a Criminal Record Check (in some cases)
  • Last, but not the least, you would be required to have an Australian valid visa, without which you would not be allowed to gain permit in Australia. Therefore, take a calculating step and hire the services of an Immigration and Visa specialist for a bother free future in Oz.

Australia needs Pre –Primary & Secondary school teachers. Some states may require you to do a short course to familiarize you with Australian teaching methods but as a general rule, a four degree including at least one year of pre-service teacher education will be sufficient for registration. The states vary in their requirements for experience: the least that is required is 45 days of supervised classroom supervision during your training though in most cases you will need at least 1 year of teaching experience

Still, using teaching skills as a way into Australia is a complicated procedure, because qualified applicants must prove that they have a teaching background that is acceptable in the Australian teaching profession. 

Communicating with students is an extremely important facet of the job, and thus strong English skills are a requirement. Applicant must have minimum Band 7 in each section of IELTS (Academic)

In all cases, an application for assessment of qualification must be made. The Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL)assesses the qualifications of overseas teachers under migration legislation. If AITSL deems the teachers' skills to be adequate, this counts towards the points that can be gained for immigration purposes
Pre-Primary School Teacher

  • A bachelor degree or higher qualification, whichever is applicable, in accordance with the specification.
  • Relevant experience
  • Registration or licensing is essential.
  • You may also be eligible for the job tile of Pre-School Director, provided you qualify for the profession.

Secondary School Teachers

  • English language
  • IELTS 7 in all components.
  • Registration or Licensing is essential in some cases
  • Minimum 45 days of supervised classroom supervision duringtraining
  • Minimum 3 years teaching experience in your relevant subject.

How much can you earn?

Your salary may depend upon various facets like your work experience, your position, subjects taken, and the state in which you are teaching and so on.  An accomplished classroom teacher in Victoria State earns roughly AU $ 65000.00 per year. On the other hand, an expert classroom teacher earns roughly AU $ 72000.00 per year. Also, salaries in private are generally higher as compared to public schools. Choose your options intelligently!
Just consult a Professional Immigration Consultant and know your chances ahead!
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